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Rush Creek Bread is Pete MacKenzie. I am a geologist, small business owner, non-profit executive, and baker. I have traveled to all fifty states, five of the continents, and have enjoyed local breads at every stop, even Scott Base, Antarctica. COVID provided time and opportunity for my baking to evolve, to lean into to world of naturally leavened doughs, and to discover local fresh milled flours, which rapidly became milling my own flours. I didn't get there because it was easier, or cheaper. I got there because the flavors where outrageous. Fresh milled flour has been termed "alive" by many people, and I think that's a great word for it.

I am committed to supporting organic farms and their bounty, in hopes that slowly we build a market together that will not only increase the diversity of grains available, but also will support local farms and their families.

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